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Match My Email Joins the 1% Pledge to Fight Global Climate Change

What is the 1% Pledge? It is an idea started by Marc Benioff at Salesforce that companies should give 1% of their profit, 1% of their equity and 1% of their time to not-for-profits. The idea has really caught on and now 11,000 companies worldwide have made the pledge at

Match My Email give to Oco

Climate change is one of the largest challenges of our time. Currently, it can be difficult to donate to organizations fighting climate change and know the impact. Oco is a project that makes it as easy as possible for people to fight climate change. Researchers around the globe are developing multiple cost-effective ways to reduce CO₂ in the atmosphere. Oco helps people support the researchers and projects having the biggest impact on climate change. For $13 a month, an individual can remove the CO2 of the average American through Oco. Oco gives over 90% of its contribution to carbon offset and research projects. Visit to learn more.

Match My Email Purchases Oco Carbon Neutral Subscriptions for All of its Employees and Contractors

Match My Email learned about Oco from Ben Sterne who does our branding and lives in Santa Barbara, California. We had heard about the Salesforce 1% pledge as an ISVForce partner who is listed on the Salesforce AppExchange [] and by attending Dreamforce. Oco appealed to Match My Email because it makes it easy for us to get our employees carbon neutrality. Simply set up a monthly recurring subscription payment of $13 per person. [We opted for the $20 per month plan which includes $7 per month aimed at funding leading-edge climate change research as well.] Our employees and contractors can now proudly wear the OCO merit badge that declares to the public that they are carbon neutral. Match My Email will also explore the donation of 1% of its common stock to Oco and our employees have volunteered to dedicate 1% of their time to Oco.

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