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Match My Email Features That Users Love

Based on recent feedback from our customers, here are some of the feature of Match My Email that our users love.

Match My Email Works with my email account and my operating system

Match My Email works with 60+ email systems including the market leaders, Gmail, Office365, GoDaddy and Rackspace. MME works with PC, Mac and Linux desktops.

Match My Email filters out attachment clutter

Match My Email can be configured to filter out ‘inline images’ – usually signature logos and social media icons. Removing small ‘inline’ images and retaining larger more important ones eliminates attachment clutter in Salesforce.

Match My Email integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and Salesforce

Match My Email 0365 connects to Office 365 and Salesforce using Open Authentication or OAuth. That means that user setup can be done by an administrator. It is estimated that MME 0365 saves a 100 seat Salesforce ORG 25 hours of setup and configuration time. – that is more than three entire workdays.

Match My Email creates an institutional memory

Employee turnover is an issue for any sales organization. MME can serve as the institutional memory of the sales team. MME captures copies of every relevant inbound and outbound email and automatically syncs them to Salesforce. If employees are on leave or on sabbatical, the cloud app, which is always on, will capture every customer email conversation and store it permanently on Salesforce for other members of the sales team to share.

Match My Email data can be used to monitor customer activity or inactivity using List Views

Match My Email provides a Reports Package, free with every subscription. This Package creates meta-data in Salesforce that can be used to monitor customer email activity or inactivity. Sales reps can use this data in a View List to quickly identify ‘problem’ customers – no activity or too much activity.

Match My Email provides Live Demos by GoToMeeting at Live Demos are the fastest and most efficient way to see the power of cloud-based email integration for Office 365 and Salesforce, Gmail, MacMail, Outlook, Lotus and 50+ more email systems.

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