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New Incidence Launched to comply with EU Data Protection Regulations

New European Union data security and privacy rules require that EU companies host their cloud data in a data center located within the EU

Ardsley on Hudson, New York. March 20, 2017. Match My Email has opened a second incidence of its email integration app for in the Amazon Web Services data center in Frankfurt, Germany. Previously, Match My Email processed all customer data in the AWS facility in Northern Virginia, USA. US providers of software-as-a-service who furnish services to companies domiciled in the European Union now have two choices: process data for European Union customers within the EU or comply with the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework. Match My Email determined that complying with the US-EU Privacy Shield Framework, especially the certification process, would be much more expensive and time-consuming than cloning the app in an EU data center for EU customers. Match My Email’s growth has been accelerating, so the company needs more capacity; putting that new capacity in Europe made economic sense as well.

Amazon Web Services global infrastructure has also been rapidly expanding. AWS opened its Frankfurt facility in late 2014. The AWS Frankfurt facility is fully compatible with EU Data Protection rules.

Launching the new incidence also afforded Match My Email a convenient opportunity to upgrade the underlying technology of the app. The clone of MMME email integration service in Frankfurt has been ported to the latest versions of Ubuntu and MySQL. In addition, more administrative control of the app has been given to the cloud admins at customer companies. Cloud admins can change the retention period of the emails stored and reprocessed in the Match My Email cloud from the default of 45 days, all the way down to 1 day. Some EU companies were asking for a shorter retention of their data in the MME cloud to further protect their data against possible hacks. It should be noted that Match My Email has never been hacked, to the knowledge of the officers of the company, so shortening the data retention period is just an added protection that some companies were keen to have.

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