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Match My Email Extends Custom Tools to Matching by Domain Name

Email to Salesforce

Match My Email makes the choice easy

Right now, email integration for Salesforce is confusing. There are so many apps that it is hard to pick the right one for your organization. But pick you must, because email integration is so important to Salesforce adoption, usage and return on investment. Match My Email offers the most productive email integration app on the market. Match My Email will enable your entire organization to work faster and smarter.

Email to Salesforce

Match My Email represents five years of continuous development solely focused on the integration of Outlook, Gmail, MacMail and any IMAP email account with Salesforce. By focusing solely on email integration, Match My Email now offers the most comprehensive and advanced email syncing and logging tools and features on the market.

Match My Email was designed from the ground up to push automated Salesforce email integration to the limit. By auto-logging emails to Salesforce, Match My Email saves hours of time and enables users to work faster and smarter in Salesforce. Users can be sure with Match My Email that every email – inbound and outbound – from or to a customer will be automatically uploaded and included in the right SFDC record. The capability to REPLY to or FORWARD an email from inside Salesforce is another good example of the unique productivity tools offered by the most advanced email integration app.

Customization is also a distinguishing feature of Match My Email

Salesforce administrators can customize the email matching algorithms in Salesforce to perfectly align with the organization’s workflow. Emails can be matched to Salesforce records based on:

1. Email address
2. Domain address [New]
3. One word in the Subject Line
4. Two words in the Subject Line [New}
5. Three words in the Subject Line [New}
6. Body tags
7. Contact Roles
8. Roll ups
9. Roll downs
10. Or any simultaneous combination of the above.

Customization related to email syncing is included in the subscription price.

Match My Email includes a Reporting Package that enables sales operations to monitor emails by user, contact, account, opportunity etc. Match My Email has been working hard this year and has implement ‘big data’ management tools that enable users to mine very large email repositories in Salesforce and monitor Cold Leads, Hot Leads, Orphaned Accounts, Engaged Accounts, Neglected Opportunities, Active Opportunities etc. Data can be mined for reports, dashboards, List Views and/or triggers that change the Status on a Record based on email activity.

Match My Email costs $22.95 per user per month. This is a bargain in comparison with the amount of time it saves users and management. The average MME user saves more than 23 hours of work per month versus manual tools.

The best way to see the power and breadth of Match My Email app, it is schedule a live demo of the app using the scheduling tool on the Match My Email web site.

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