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Using Match My Email as a Management Tool

Match My Email Management Tool

Match My Email Provides The Foundation for Activity-Driven Management Reports

Once a sales organization has a 100% complete and accurate email record in – even if it is only a few weeks of data – Match My Email can to used to generate activity reports, dashboards and chatter feeds. As one of our customer said recently, “With Match My Email I could see at a glance which sales reps were engaged and which ones had already retired. The facts that I got using Match My Email had it a lot easier to terminate underperforming sales reps.” This customer is just looking at a simple report that showed email activity on a weekly basis by sales rep / User.

Match My Email Management ToolMatch My Email is the only fully automated, platform independent email syncing and logging tool available for Match My Email is the only email integration service that creates a 100% accurate and complete email record within Match My Email is the only package that can make the claim, “if the email ain’t in, the email don’t exist”.

None of the other tools on the market can guarantee that the email activity records in are 100% up-to-date and 100% comprehensive. The competing solutions like Linkpoint 360, iHance, CureCRM, CCRM, VCS Smart Mail, Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce for Gmail, Cirrus Path, and Maildrop rely on human beings to maintain the email logs. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, “to err is human”.

Anytime there is human intervention errors and omissions occur. People get sick, go on vacation, take a mental health day, don’t understand or purposely obscure the truth. All the other systems on the market place the burden of accuracy and completeness on the sales reps. They require that the sales rep take the time and make the effort to:  (1) click to file, (2) visit a ‘resolve’ screen to sort ambiguous emails, (3) drag-n-drop to a folder and/or (4) proactively decide to file every email into every object. Such an approach cannot produce a 100% accurate and complete email log in, what we call a ‘canonical’ log. [Canonical means one revision of the truth.]

Match My Email does produce a canonical log.  The service is always on, 24/7/365. It logs emails to fully automatically with no human action required. It is platform independent so it logs email from any smartphone, laptop, desktop or tablet. It includes a proprietary technology called MultiMatch, which stands for “multiple email address and object matching”. This many-to-many email logging algorithm makes sure that every email address in an email header is matched to every email address field in Plus Match My Email includes all the privacy controls necessary to implement automated email syncing and logging in larger organizations.

Using Match My Email as a management tool is an extra benefit of the service.  Please contact info ( a ) to schedule a live demo or 30-day free trial.

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