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Make Salesforce to the Next Level with Customized Email Integration?

Salesforce comes with primitive email integration tools. Salesforce for Outlook (“SFO”) and Salesforce for Gmail (“SFG”) can perform basic manual syncing but they can’t automate email logging nor support more sophisticated matching algorithms.

Match My Email extends email integration by enabling email matching by (1) word(s) in the Subject Line or (2) tags in the email body – as well as (3) email addresses.


Now you may ask yourself, why would I want to match emails to Salesforce records by a word in the Subject Line or tag in the Body?

Subject Line word matching is particularly useful if you have multiple deals open for the same Contact at the same time. By adding a word or words to the Subject Line – like Toyota or Toyota USA or Toyota USA NY – the email can be simultaneously associated with the right open deal by the ‘word’ and the right Contact by his or her email address.

Body tag matching is useful for tracking response rates to SFDC mass emails or campaigns. Tags can also be used to consolidate all emails to a project, matter or incident automatically.

For mass email tracking, the Body tag can be added using Mail Merge to an outbound email blast; if the recipient responds, the email will be automatically added to Campaign record and tallied.

Body tags can be used to automatically consolidate all emails related to a project – both emails related to participants who are in Salesforce such as Leads and Contacts and participants who are not in Salesforce like vendors, accountants, lawyers and advisors. The presence of the Tag anywhere in the email thread will precision match the email to the right project. The user can automatically add Tags to outbound emails sent from Salesforce by using the Match My Email auto-tagging feature.

Match My Email provides customized email integration services at the rate of $99.50 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

Customized email integration will help you to extract more value from your investment, increase usage and accelerate adoption. Call Match My Email at 914-712-9050, we will schedule a session with a customization expert. Or email

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