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Leading Online Retailers Are Choosing Match My Email for Salesforce

More and more innovative online retailers and discounters are choosing Match My Email as their Salesforce email integration solution. Companies like, retailmenot, cargurus, HairDirect, Hoorag and Loom Décor are using automated email logging to Salesforce of inbound and outbound emails to accelerate growth.

Email auto-logging makes sales reps more efficient by eliminating human error. Computers in the cloud take over the responsibility for syncing emails to Salesforce record whether the email system is Office365, Google Apps and/or MacMail – or any IMAP compatible email system. Since computers are tireless and always on, the net effect is better email info in Salesforce than in the sales rep can get from looking in his or her Inbox or Sent Items. The whole email thread with a client can be seen in a ‘blink’ in Salesforce; no more jumping back and forth to find emails and figure out what is going on with a customer account. That is because each and every email is synced to Salesforce and put into the right record automatically – with human intervention. Humans like apps that eliminate repetitive work and create useful information that makes their job easier.


Why are leading etailers choosing Match My Email?

Because automated Salesforce email integration offers best of breed productivity and scalability!

High growth etailers like are pushing sales productivity to the limit to support hyper growth. Every second that is saved through cloud automation makes a difference. Every mistake that is avoided increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Integrating emails seamlessly and effortlessly into Salesforce is a mission critical part of any etailers sales operations strategy.

The financial press keeps wondering why these online merchants are winning the e-commerce battle against brick and mortar incumbents. Well, part of the reason is the application of the latest, most sophisticated technology and training their inside sales reps to use it. Old line retailers are stuck with old CRM solutions that can’t integrate customer communications – email, voice, SMS, Twitter, LInkedIn — automatically into customer records in the cloud. Match My Email, which offers the most sophisticated email integration for Salesforce – is a mission critical component of any multichannel communications integration project.

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