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LaHave Natural Farms Supercharges the Introduction of the Haskap Berry Using Match My Email and


About LaHave Natural Farms – Blockhouse, Nova Scotia, Canada

LaHave Natural Farms is a pioneer in the commercialization of the Haskap berry for the North American market. The berry is similar in color to a blueberry but has an interesting shape and unique taste. The Haskap berry has long been a delicacy in Japan and Russia as the plant is native to the northern regions of Eurasia and North America.


LaHave Natural Farms was founded by a group of like-minded friends, with a passion for food, natural agriculture and forestry. The founders came together through a shared vision of discovering the tastiest and healthiest food to be grown naturally in Nova Scotia.

LaHave Natural Farms

LaHave’s “2013 haskapa juice vintage” won best new entrant at the World Juice Awards in Cologne. It was described by one judge as a near perfect balanced ‘Wine’, but without the alcohol.  The orchards are based in beautiful Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

To contact LaHave please visit their web site:

Problem Definition

LaHave implemented as its customer relationship management system so that information would be organized, centralized and shared across its sales team, across various provinces. makes the sharing of contacts, calendar and tasks easy. It also provides flexible tools to define and implement detailed workflows that can streamline the sales process.

However, one area where Salesforce does fall short is email integration. Salesforce provides a free email syncing tool called Salesforce for Outlook that requires the end-user to click a button each time he or she wants to file an email in Salesforce. The major drawback of any manual syncing tool is that people don’t use them regularly and usage declines over time. The net result is an incomplete record of email communications in Salesforce that becomes less and less useful. Plus Salesforce for Outlook only works on Windows.

We are principally a Mac-based company and this has thrown up real issues for us when it comes to CRM systems. Match My Email means that a cloud based system such as Salesforce can integrate with our Mac-based email systems, stated Liam Tayler, Commercial Director, LaHave Farms Inc.

In addition, the solution needed to be fully automated so that it would create a complete and up-to-date email log in every Salesforce record without any end-user effort or interaction. The solution needed to be ‘always on’ 24/7/365 and work in a ‘bring your own device’ IT environment, i.e., it had to work with everything smart phones, iPads, desktops and laptops.


LaHave found a solution to its email integration requirements on the Salesforce AppExchange called Match My Email (“MME”). MME is cloud-based technology that automatically sorts and files email to the right Salesforce record – Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases – based on email address matching. MME’s cloud technology is always on 24/7/365, working in background, so the email log in Salesforce is always up-to-date.

Another advantage of Match My Email’s cloud based email integration is that it works with Apple Macs and on every other type of computing device simultaneously, i.e., Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, Linux and Google/Android. It also works with LaHave’s email service from GoDaddy as well as virtually every other business email system – Exchange/Office 365, Google Apps/Gmail, Lotus, Office 365, or any IMAP compatible system – at once.

Most importantly, Match My Email offered an excellent good return on investment for a solution that costs $17.95 per user per month. MME is estimated to save each user about 3 hours of manual work per month (that adds up to 4.5 work days per year). In addition, MME increases Salesforce usage and adoption because the shared email information in Salesforce is more comprehensive than the email information an individual can see in his or her email box about a particular customer.

The best way to see the features and benefits of Match My Email is to schedule a live demo by contacting info@matchmyemail.

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