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Increase Salesforce Efficiency and Usage with Automated Email Syncing & Logging

The number one job of a customer relationship management app like is to increase sales efficiency. By computerizing the sales process, sales team performance can be maximized, revenue growth increased and profitability optimized.

Increase CRM Workflow Efficiency

The key to sales team productivity is a CRM workflow that exactly mirrors the ‘real’ sales process and enables the sales team to share information. offers very good workflow customization tools. It is an information sharing platform that is vastly superior to the previous sales tracking methods of email and spreadsheets. With Salesforce, the entire sales team can share information about customer preferences and interactions. The fact that is in the cloud and accessible 24/7/365 is a major added benefit.

Increase Salesforce Efficiency

Automated Email Integration App for Salesforce

One of the most important pieces of customer information is email. While is good a creating shared customer records, it is not good at integrating email into those records. offers a free email syncing tool called Outlook for Salesforce. This software plug-in for Microsoft Outlook is difficult to install, administer and use – and only works with PCs. It requires constant action on the part of the end-user for the email record in Salesforce to be up-to-date and complete. The main problem with manual email logging is that is time consuming, tedious and, after a while, doesn’t get done. Manual email sync tools result to incomplete information in Salesforce. Incomplete information in Salesforce then reduces usage and the utility of the CRM app to the sales professional and sales management.

Luckily, understands that it can’t solve every aspect of a superior CRM system and it has built a robust third party app ecosystem in its AppExchange. Match My Email specializes in automated email syncing and logging for Match My Email is a member of the AppExchange and the ISVForce Program, so it is certified by as safe to use and reliable. It is a fully automated app that will sort and file emails into the right records 24/7/365.

Match My Email is setup and forget. Once the app has been installed and configure, it is completely invisible to the end user and require no end-user interaction – unless the end user wants to access it using a ;web tab’. Match My Email automatically adds emails – Sent and Received – to the right Salesforce records for the user in background. The sales professional is freed from the task of putting emails into the right Salesforce records with Match My Email.

Match My Email Works With All Business Email Systems!

Sales managers love Match My Email. It enables them to see the entire email correspondence with a customer or account in A sales manager can see each email sent and received from a client in – whether it is TO:, FROM:, CC: or BCC:.

One other important benefit of Match My Email is its ability to work with all business emails systems and computer type / operating systems at once – Microsoft, Google, Lotus, Apple, GoDaddy, Rackspace and Yahoo!, to name a few of the 35 different email systems that Match My Email works with everyday.

Match My Email only costs $17.95 per user per month, which is bargain considering that it saves the average user at least 3 hours of manual work per month.

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