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Can we import emails from before the date we started importing with Match My Email?

Yes, Match My Email has a new feature that allows you to import emails from before the start date of your free 30-day trial into The feature is semi-manual so it gives you complete control over which old or legacy email will be synchronized and logged into all the relevant objects in using Match My Email’s unique multiple address and object matching technology or MultiMatch.

The feature works by setting up a special email folder in an end-user’s email account and dragging and dropping copies of old emails into the folder either one at a time or in bulk. Once the emails are in the special folder, Match My Email will process them and log them in all the relevant objects in using “related object links”. Due to limitations imposed by related to the number of API calls an organization may use during a 24-hour period, the new legacy import feature is limited to 200 emails per day per organization or 6,000 emails per month.

To get this feature, you will need to contact Match My Email and ask support to enable it in the backend. Then schedule a training session and support will show you how to use it and how to grant access to the feature to other members of your organization. Legacy Email Imports costs 1/10 of the cost of the previous method of importing old emails into or less than 3¢ (three cents) per old email, if fully utilized. We charge an extra $179.50 per month per organization for the feature. Most organizations only need the feature for one month.

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