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How does Salesforce store emails uploaded by Match My Email?

Match My Email employs efficient storage techniques

Each account includes two different categories of data storage in its cloud: Data Storage and File Storage. Each edition – whether it is Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited – includes 1GB of Data Storage and 11GB of File Storage per organization. For large accounts of 50 or more Users using the Enterprise or Unlimited Edition, these limits expand proportional to the number of users.

If an account exceeds its Data Storage quota, more memory can be purchased for $300 per year for 50MB or $1,500 per year for 500MB. File storage is $60 per year for 1 GB or $498 per year for 10 GB.

You can order additional Data Storage and File Storage from your sales representative.

Because charges more for Data Storage and provides less Data Storage per account, Match My Email only uploads the body of the email to Data Storage; attachments which can be much larger are uploaded to the cheaper and larger File Storage. The average email body is estimated to be 20KB or 20,000 bytes according to our field experience at Match My Email with production systems. That means that a account can store more than 50,000 email bodies before running out of space and requiring the purchase of additional Data Storage. With respect to File Storage, the average Powerpoint attachment is about 1Mb meaning a can handle more than 10,000 Powerpoint presentations before running out of File Storage.

To further conserve Data Storage and File Storage, Match My Email only uploads one copy of an email and its attachments to to the Email Message custom object. That means that there is no duplicate emails being uploaded to your account. From the Email Messages custom object, Match My Email links the email to other standard objects like Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts and Cases or custom/secondary objects like Secondary Email Addresses and Opportunity Roles using Email Message Related Object links.

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