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High Performance Sales Teams Use Automated Salesforce Email Integration

Salesforce Email Integration

Salesforce Email Integration

The Leading Automated Email Integration App for is Match My Email

If a typical sales interaction takes 10 minutes — from prep to action to documentation – then there are only 45 ‘sales opportunities’ in an average 8-hour work day – assuming you take a 30-minute lunch break. On a given day, there are only 45 chances to make a sale, achieve quota and earn the proverbial fat commission check at the end of the month.

Put another way, time is the most important asset that a sales professional has. Time management is the key to performance and success.

Customer relationship management systems like Salesforce are being implemented in businesses of all sizes to make sales organizations more effective, to save time. CRM systems centralize, share and analyze customer information so sales professionals can work faster, close more deals and chase fewer dead-ends.

CRM systems, however, can’t change the fact that email is still the highest volume communications tool used by sales professionals – even with social networks and mobile devices. Email may not be the most effective tool, but it still is the most prevalent and time consuming. The average sales rep sends and receives 250 customer emails per week. If it takes 10 minutes to read, think about and then respond to an email, then there go all the available 10-minute time slots available during a 40-hour work week – there are exactly 225 available ten-minute time slots in a work week. No wonder that every sales professional feels the pressure to start earlier and work later.

Salesforce Email Integration is one way to save precious time. Automated email syncing and logging removes a time consuming chore from a sales professional’s daily To Do List. Even if it takes only 11 seconds to log an email to Salesforce with a manual tool like Salesforce for Outlook, over the course of a month, a sales professional can save 3 hours of time with automation – or 18 precious ten-minute sales opportunities. The leading automated email integration app for is Match My Email.

Actually, automated email syncing saves more than 3 hours of time per week. Automated email integration is cloud technology. It works at the network level so it is always on, 24/7/365. With apps like Match My Email, the email information in Salesforce is always up-to-date. Timely information allows sales professionals to react more quickly to customer situations because the needed data is at their fingertips.

In addition, automation creates a ‘perfect’ email record in Salesforce because it is machine to machine. No more missing emails because someone forgot to push the ADD TO SALESFORCE button or was traveling and away from their computer. After a while, with ‘perfect’ email information, the sales team will start to value the data in Salesforce more highly that the data in their individual mailboxes because the data in Salesforce is 100% accurate and complete. This trust in the CRM will lead to high adoption and usage which in turn will result in higher sales performance – a virtuous circle.

The Match My Email app for Salesforce is cross platform and device independent because it is based on Open Source software and the IMAP Open Standard. Match My Email works with Outlook, MacMail, Thunderbird, GoDaddy, Gmail, Rackspace and virtually every business email system at once. It works on Windows, OSx, iOS and Linux machines simultaneously. Its cloud infrastructure gives the user unparalleled flexibility and freedom.

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