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Match My Email, Email Syncing Service for, Has Record Year

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Match My Email posts record subscriber growth of 809% in 2012, now has customers in 10 countries and 21 states. New features such as MultiMatch, Open Authentication for and Google Apps, New Object Creation using Email Data and Legacy Email Syncing drive customer acceptance and satisfaction.

Ardsley on Hudson, New York. January 21, 2013. Match My Email is proud to report that 2012 was a record year for the premium service which provides email integration for in the cloud. Match My Email experienced subscriber growth of 809% year over year, and expanded its customer footprint to 10 countries and 21 states. During 2012, Match My Email released a new version of its email integrator every month. This rapid development cycle enabled the company to bring leading edge email syncing and logging technology to the market throughout the year.

match-my-email“Match My Email is different from the other email syncing and logging tools on the market. Match My Email was designed from the bottom up to provide fully automated email syncing and logging for The other offerings on the market are manual or semi-automatic tools. Manual and semi-automatic tools have two drawbacks: they require the sales rep to waste a lot of time on repetitive daily manual tasks and they can’t create a truly accurate, 100% complete email log in Fully automated email syncing and logging has been shown to save the end-user about 100 hours of unproductive drudgery each year.” said president, Paul Sterne.

“We released new features throughout 2012 that met customer requirements. MultiMatch was the breakthrough feature. This technology matches all the email addresses in the header of the email with all the matching email address fields in – i.e., we called this multiple address and object matching for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. Open Authentication or OAuth came next. It eliminated the need to reset passwords each time a password is changed in Salesforce. In the summer, we released Legacy Email Import which allows the user to sync old emails to current records without violating processing limits. Finally, we gave users a way to create a new record from email data using a web form and drag & drop.” said Serhiy Fyrin, vice president of Development.

“Customer Support made great progress in 2012. We completed a full set of setup and user guides. We flushed out the FAQ’s on the Help Wiki. We are now expert in IMAP-binding to the all the major hosted email services like Office 365 Now, Google Apps, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Network Solutions, Yahoo! and 1&1. Using GOTOMEETING, we offer free training and configuration to all customers and potential subscribers as part of our 30-day free trial.” explained Ovidiu Bivolaru, vice president of support and operations.

Match My Email is a cloud application. It syncs and logs email to in the cloud, not the device level. This means that Match My Email is always on, 24/7/365, matching and logging emails to records whether those emails were created on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. As a ‘no software’ cloud technology, Match My Email is platform independent and works with any email server or service that supports the IMAP standard. Match My Email works will Group, Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Editions. At $17.95 per user per month, Match My Email is the premium email syncing tool on the market.

About RAE Internet (dba
RAE Internet, Inc., founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ardsley on Hudson, N.Y., is the developer of Match My Email and the Mailspect line of products as well as a reseller of F-PROT Antivirus and Cloudmark Authority. Match My Email is the first fully automated email integration, syncing and logging cloud application for The Mailspect platform is used by email administrators at enterprises, email service providers, schools and governments to defend the email stream from malware, viruses and spam. Mailspect Defense integrates with the leading antivirus and antispam engines (i.e., Clamd, Cloudmark, ESET 3.0, F-PROT, Mailshell, Sophos and Spamassassin). Mailspect Archive enables organizations to comply with email retention regulations.
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