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Filtering Out Personal and ‘Spamfomercial’ Emails

Today, a customer asked us if Match My Email can filter out private emails; he needs this to get his HR department to approve a email integration solution.  The HR department does not want any personal emails or spamfomercials in

Match My Email has a different architecture than other email integration solutions. MME does not dump the entire email inbox into and then process it. Instead, Match My Email imports the email stream into a separate cloud application that matches the email and then only inserts the relevant email into The MME architecture is much more efficient. It also helps the Human Resource Department comply with privacy laws and policies, especially in Germany.

One way that Match My Email filters out and discards personal email is using its unique Ignore feature. Based on antispam real-time blacklist technology, this feature alllows a user to mark an email address as personal or private by clicking Ignore. Once an email address is Ignored, it is segregated in a separate quarantine and it is not processed for Match with a Lead, Contact or Opportunity.

A user can also Ignore emails from an entire domain by typing Ignore in a dialog box.

Domain admins can Ignore email  — on the address or domain level — for the entire Match My Email user group under their purview.  This feature is sought by many human resource professionals and executives as a privacy controls requirement.

 Match My Email integrates any IMAP email stream with, many of our clients use Gmail or Google Apps. We think that we are the most popular, if not the best email integration with Gmail, Google Apps and Match My Email integrates Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes with Match My Email integrates the most popular Open Source email servers or groupware solutions like Openexchange, Zimbra, Zarafa and Scalix with

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