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Doing Emails in Salesforce is Faster and Better with Match My Email

It doesn’t matter which email system you use – Gmail, Outlook or MacMail. Match My Email makes working on emails easier, faster and better in Salesforce. First, you won’t have to waste time looking for an email from a customer in your email account again. That’s because Match My Email puts every email into Salesforce and syncs it to the right customer record. Match My Email eliminates the need to put customer emails in folders in Gmail, Outlook and MacMail. It puts the emails automatically into the Salesforce equivalent of a folder, a Salesforce record — – Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity and/or Case based on email address matching. Hence the name Match My Email.

Match My Email is a cloud app. Hosted in the cloud, Match My Email is “always on” so the email log in Salesforce is always up-to-date and filed in the right records. That’s right, go on vacation and when you come back every email sent and received while you were away will be filed in Salesforce – automatically. Plus cloud technology is more stable than an email plug-in. Email plug-ins like Salesforce for Outlook and Salesforce for Lightning will slow down your laptop and make it crash from time to time.

Some people don’t want every email filed into Salesforce. Match My Email has a solution to them called Selective Syncing. With Match My Email, some users can use automated mode and others can use selective mode. Everyone in the company will be happy.

Once the emails are in Salesforce, Match My Email supercharges the way Salesforce handles emails. With Match My Email, you can REPLY to an email from inside Salesforce and the REPLY will include the email thread. Simply check a box next to the email and click the REPLY button. The native Salesforce email module will open. There the user can decide who the email should be from and which “mail merge” template to use or just compose a new email. Mail merge templates are very efficient and intuitive. There is one sales rep at Match My Email who is so fast, he can reply to up to ten emails per minute with no mistakes using the Match My Email app. Amazing.

Match My Email can be configured to create an email “follow up” workflow. If a lead or customer has not sent an email in the past 7 days, then he or she will be included in a dynamic List View. The List View tells a sales or service reps when he or she needs to contact the Lead by phone or email. For example, if the lead has not sent an email for 7 days, the lead would be added to the COLD LEAD List View. The Sales Rep can then go down the LIST VIEW and contact the prospects on it. If the Lead does respond, the Lead will disappear from the LIST VIEW because the Lead is no longer cold. LIST VIEWS combined with REPLY/FORWARD and Mail Merge Templates can supercharge email handling in Salesforce. Sales rep can process the email stream in Salesforce faster and error-free.

The best way to see the power of Match My Email is to schedule a Live Demo at During the demo, we can show you what the app looks like and how it works.

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