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Email Visibility in Salesforce Results in Higher Sales

Information is the foundation of every sales process. The more information available to sales reps and managers about the sales pipeline, the more deals will close and faster. Closed transactions translate into making quota and getting paid.

Emails are the most important and voluminous type of business information

Emails continue to be the most frequent mode of customer interaction. Emails capture conversations between sales professionals and their prospects. Reading an unedited email thread is the quickest way to gauge the probability and timing of closing a deal.

The problem with emails is that they are stored in separate data silos and are hard to collect and share. Users can only see their own mailbox. They have no direct access to emails sent and received by colleagues. Managers can’t see the emails of the people working for them. If a user leaves a company, his or her email is lost when their mailbox is closed. Managers can’t test the validity of the pipeline by looking at the email traffic at key accounts because they have no access.

The solution is generally to implement a customer relationship management (“CRM”) solution like Salesforce. The CRM app is intended to provide a central repository of all customer information – data, activity data and metadata (i.e., data about data). Data are usually entered into a CRM manually or by integrating forms populated by prospects on a web site or mobile device. Activity data can be uploaded manually by the user or added to the CRM with a tool. Metadata are created by connecting one piece of data to another using a link. In Salesforce, data are stored in the Details section, activity data in the Activities section and metadata in the Related section of a record layout.

Match My Email – Track Customer Email Traffic From Any Device

Match My Email is an automated tool that captures inbound and outbound emails and uploads them automatically to the right customer record(s). Based on cloud technology, Match My Email is setup and forget. Once the app is installed it starts automatically making copies of all inbound and outbound emails and uploading them in the background to Salesforce. The app requires no human intervention or action to do its work of syncing and logging emails to the right Salesforce records. Match My Email enables email visibility in Salesforce.

Email Visibility in Salesforce can Supercharge a Sales Process

Some estimates indicate that it can increase sales productivity by more than 15%, because email visibility enables managers and sales reps to:

  1. Track the status of a customer engagement without contacting other members of the sales team.
  2. Read the contents of all inbound and outbound emails remotely
  3. See the frequency and tempo of email communications with customers
  4. Access the email communications of absent or former employees

Instant access to customer-facing emails radically improves the transparency and tempo of the sales process.

Match My Email is an automated email integration app that was designed from the bottom up to provide email visibility in Salesforce. The app syncs inbound and outbound emails to Salesforce records in the cloud 24/7/365 with no user action necessary. Every email is captured and put into the right Salesforce records or records based on MultiMatch (i.e., multiple email address and object matching). The app also de-clutters Salesforce by deduping redundant emails and attachments and filtering out junk emails and images.

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