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Match My Email Offers Top Email to Salesforce Integration App

Email to Salesforce

Email to Salesforce is one of the top features offered by Salesforce since its inception. Integrating email into the SDFC customer relationship management system greatly increases its utility and appeal to users and managers. However, Salesforce Admins must choose between two fundamental email to Salesforce approaches: (1) deep integration into the user’s email client or (2) deep email integration in the Salesforce deployment. Deep integration into the email client whether it is Gmail or Outlook, unfortunately, reduces Salesforce usage; deep email integration into Salesforce increases usage, adoption, utility and ROI.

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Return on Investment Improved by Deep Email to Salesforce Integration

What are the design points of deep email integration into Salesforce? When considering an email to Salesforce app, what should a Salesforce user look for?

  1. Cloud Technology: Make sure the app is cloud technology so that it is always on and up-to-date, updating Salesforce automatically regardless of what a user is doing.
  2. Full Automation: The email to Salesforce app needs to sync emails to Salesforce automatically. It must free up the end-user completely from the task of manually adding emails to Salesforce records.
  3. MultiMatch: Syncing emails to multiple Contacts simultaneously, without creating duplicates, is important. Multimatching creates a 100% accurate and complete email record in Salesforce.
  4. Syncing to the Right Opportunity: The app must include technology that can put emails to the right Opportunity, even if multiple Opportunities are open for the same Contact.
  5. REPLY and FORWARD: Replying to and forwarding emails from inside Salesforce is a key feature of any deep integration app. Reply and Forward greatly increase productivity. This is a feature users love.
  6. Sync old emails automatically: The app needs to be able to sync old emails to Salesforce automatically without violating SFDC daily processing limits.
  7. Customization Tools: To accommodate custom records and workflows, the app should include a robust set of rapid customization tools.
  8. Platform Independent: More and more emails are sent from mobile devices so the app needs to work with all computing environments – Mac, PC and Linux – and email clients – Outlook, Gmail, IMAP, Open-Xchange, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

The top deep integration app for Salesforce that includes all of these attributes is Match My Email. Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 on the AppExchange, it increases user productivity, adoption and usage. Sign up for Live Demo.

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