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Email Syncing for Comparison of Manual versus Automated

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at Match My Email is how we differ from the competition. The big picture answer is that Match My Email is automated while our competitors are manual or semi-automated.

An automated email syncing and logging solution has tremendous advantages, with the only major drawback being that set up takes approximately 50 minutes compared to about 5 minutes for a manual plug-in.

email-syncBeyond the initial time investment, the advantages are significant. An automated system delivers daily productivity gains. Being automated means no one needs to be logged in for it to work, and sales reps who are on vacation, out sick, or traveling still have their emails logged. Being automated also means it saves time. By saving the 4 seconds it takes to click on the “Add to Salesforce” button in the email and bind an email to the right record in SFDC, Match My Email saves the average sales rep about 15 hours per year – or almost two days of work.

Email Sync



Setup Quick
5 minutes
50 minutes
Logging Daily Task
15 hrs/user/year
In Background
0 hrs/user/year
Email Thread Lookup Daily Task
80 hrs/user/year
0 hrs/user/year
Data Integrity Unreliable
Human Errors and Omissions
System of Record
100% Complete and Accurate

Being automated, Match My Email can also deliver a 100% complete email log in each record that you can trust. With a manual system, one can’t be sure the email log in a record is complete and accurate. Sales reps may forget to log emails, may be out sick, or traveling for work or vacation. Thus, having confidence that the records in truly reflect the full customer interaction is never there. Sales rep waste time double-checking the customer email threads by looking them up in their email accounts. If a sales rep double checks a customer email thread 10 times per day , at 75 seconds per keyword lookup, the sales rep is spending up to 80 hours/user/year unnecessarily.

Only an automated system can build a “system of record”; an email archive that the entire organization can rely on and trust. With 100% complete information, managers can better monitor the sales process, evaluate performance in real time and confidently generate accurate reports for presentation to executives.

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