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Email Syncing Between GoDaddy and

GoDaddy sure knows how to get noticed. Its Super Bowl ad of the blond beauty kissing the nerd generated so much buzz that GoDaddy had a record number of leads the next day. At Match My Email, we are seeing more and more GoDaddy Unlimited email users join our service.

One reason that GoDaddy is so popular is that it offers excellent value and amazing customer service.  Match My Email also offers a great deal and the best support team in the business.

GoDaddy Super Bowl AdFor only $17.95 per user per month, our fully automated email syncing and logging system will free you from manual email syncing chores forever. Manual syncing tools like Salesforce for Outlook force a sales rep to spend 100 hours per year posting emails to SFDC. Manual email uploading is a complete waste of time and incredibly boring and tedious. Match My Email will do the same job for you and take over the task of email sorting and attaching to a record for you. The system works in the cloud, so it is always on whether or not you are logged into your computer. 24/7/365 service means that you will have a 100% complete email record in, in every type of object — Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. Knowing that all your business emails are in means that you will not have to waste time jumping back and forth between the CRM screen and your email INBOX to figure out what is going on with a customer.

The best way to experience Match My Email is through a live demo and free 30-day trial. Contact Simone at sduncan (a) to set up an appointment.

Match My Email also works with virtually any email service provided by a web site hosting provider. It works with Outlook, Gmail and MacMail, all at once. We have customers who use Network Solutions, Sherweb, Rackspace, Fasthosts, Hostway, Yahoo!, AOL,, Stratos, and 1&1, to name a few.

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