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Match My Email Launches Newest Email Integration Technology for

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Match My Email has released a new version of its email integration service for that allows end-users to select between manual and automated email syncing and logging in the same cloud solution. The new technology fully automates the import of old or legacy imports, replacing the current manual tools.

logo-280Ardsley on Hudson, New York. July 8, 2013. Match My Email has released a major new version of its cloud application, Match My Email, Version 2.8. The new version offers new and improved email import options that give the end-user total control over what gets synced and logged to Now, Match My Email offers a user the entire spectrum of email integration options ranging from manual Maildrop-like drag & drop functionality to fully automated email syncing and logging from INBOX and SENT ITEMS – and every gradation in between. Match My Email is the first cloud solution to offer both manual syncing and automated syncing in the same system.

Match My Email recognizes that different people use email in different ways. Email integration needs to be flexible enough to deal with all the different end-user email work habits. Some users want a cloud solution to do all the work for them of sorting and uploading emails to SFDC. Others want to control exactly which emails get posted to Some sales reps work with just two email folders [INBOX and SENT], while other create new folders every day. Match My Email has invented a way to accommodate all of these different usage styles in one easy-to-use solution.

Total control over which emails are synced and logged to is particularly important to executives who want to personally select which emails to be posted to for privacy, confidentiality or workplace management reasons. With version 2.8, sales managers can create a special folder labeled ‘Match My Email’ in their email client like Outlook and drag & drop emails to that folder for automated sorting and uploading to Email integration for becomes as easy as drag and drop – from any email client, Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, OX Suite and webmail.

However, the same executives may want all emails – inbound and outgoing – related to the sales team to sync automatically to Automated syncing improves visibility into the sales pipeline. Automation of email integration will not only increase productivity by saving time and speed user adoption because the CRM system has more useful information in it, but it will create a 100% accurate and up-to-date record of all email communications in This canonical email log can improve the sales management process. It can be used to share information within the sales team, monitor sales rep email activity and/or highlight customer situations that have gone ‘cold’ based on the lack of email activity.

What makes the new release of Match My Email unique is that now an organization can mix and match email integration styles in one system. Those users who need to tightly control which emails get added to will have the drag & drop capability. Those users who would benefit from true automation of email syncing and logging in the cloud can select the ‘set up and forget’ option.

Importing old emails or legacy emails has always been a major challenge for new users. With Version 2.8, Match My Email has automated the import of legacy emails as a standard feature of its email integration solution. All a new user has to do is drag and drop the old emails into a designated email folder – called Legacy Email Import — and the system will process and upload them to in background over a period of time making sure that no SFDC API call limits are exceeded. Legacy email import becomes a ‘once and done’ task.

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About RAE Internet
RAE Internet, Inc., established in 2000 and headquartered in Ardsley on Hudson, N.Y., is the developer of Match My Email and the Mailspect line of products as well as a reseller of F-PROT Antivirus and Cloudmark Authority. Match My Email is the first fully automated email integration, syncing and logging cloud application for The Mailspect platform is used by email administrators to protect the email stream from malware at either the gateway or mail server level. Mailspect Archive enables organizations to comply with email retention regulations.
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