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Email Integration in the Cloud

Email integration is an essential part of any CRM system. Being able to see customer communications inside a CRM record or lead makes the selling process easier and more efficient. But matching emails with CRM files is not easy to do. It requires expertise in both email parsing and database structures. Match My Email has gained this know-how over ten years working in the anti-virus and anti-spam arena.

Match My Email is a cloud application that takes email from any service like Google Apps or collaboration server like Microsoft Exchange using Outlook or Entourage and associates the email with the right record in This is possible because has a clean application interface protocol that is open and transparent.

Match My Email can handle mixed environments. One user can be on Yahoo!. Another on Hotmail. A third on Hosted Open-Xchange and the rest on Apple Mail and the system works with all the email services and servers simultaneously.

The design goal of Match My Email is to allow the sales rep to ‘never leave’ All the email matching and logging is performed automatically every 20 minutes in the cloud in background. When the sales rep creates a new Lead, the system will look through the email for the last 45 days and look for a match. This is called automatic reprocessing and allows the system to be almost fully automatic.

Match My Email just finished testing on Entourage and can report that the system works flawlessly. iPad, Apple Macintosh and iPhone users now have a way to integrate their email with No one else can offer this service in the cloud with “No Software”.

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