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Email Integration in the Cloud is a Proof Point of the Superiority of Cloud Technology

Adoption of cloud technology by business users is astonishing. In five years, for example, Office 365 has moved from a “bit player” to 56% market share at commercial enterprises. Recent articles report that Microsoft is adding more than 50,000 small and medium businesses every month to the Office 365 cloud. Another cloud standout is which is now the leader in the customer relationship management having supplanted Oracle and SAP. Cloud apps of all sorts like DocuSign, Quickbooks Online,, and Hubspot are booming and taking over their market segments.

The ‘cloud’ is replacing the last generation of business solutions – apps based on a client-server architecture – because they offer:

  1. more reliability
  2. more security and
  3. more ease-of-use

at a lower cost. Cloud apps take the hassle out of IT. They make the lives of IT admins much less stressful.

Cloud Apps Are More Reliable Than Plug-Ins

Last week, I experienced again the joy of using a cloud app versus a client-server plug-in. Match My Email uses a web site scheduling tool from OnceHub called ScheduleOnce. We have relied on this product for years to organize online meetings with prospective and existing customers. But the Outlook plug-in module for the ScheduleOnce was always acting up and it couldn’t really be trusted to work consistently day after day. I had to check the app before the beginning of every workday to make sure that it was still syncing to my Outlook calendar. More often than not, it wasn’t up-to-date so I had to reboot the plug-in and re-integrate it with Outlook.

About two weeks ago it stopped working altogether and ScheduleOnce couldn’t figure out why, but to their credit, they suggested that I dump the Outlook plug-in and connect directly to my mail server using their new cloud connector. Fifteen minutes later with the Outlook plug-in removed, I was happily syncing calendar appointments to my Outlook calendar from via OnceHub. So far, their cloud connector has worked in the background invisibly and reliably with no errors or omissions.

A Pure Email Integration for Salesforce Cloud App

This experience with ScheduleOnce reminded me of the reason that our company had launched Match My Email the first place almost 9 years ago. We had been using a plug-in called Salesforce for Outlook [SFO] (now called Lightning for Outlook or Salesforce INBOX, depending on the version). SFO was notoriously buggy. It would cause Outlook to grind to a halt or crash altogether. Our users were frustrated and angry. SFO was hurting Salesforce adoption and usage because email is such an important part of customer involvement.

So our development team created Match My Email. A pure cloud app designed specifically for email integration for Salesforce. The idea was to connect a user’s mailbox and sync its inbound and outbound mail to Salesforce completely in the cloud. The app was created to make sure that email syncing would not slow down either Outlook or Salesforce, and certainly not cause users the inconvenience of a frozen laptop and the frustration of a 15 minute Windows reboot.

Today, Match My Email has customers who have been using the app for 9 years without any loss of data or time due to plug-in problems. In fact, Match My Email is adding customers at an accelerating pace as ‘word of mouth’ gets around the Salesforce ecosystem that it is the most advanced, automated and convenient email syncing app on the AppExchange. Match My Email offers seamless email integration with no hassles and computer problems.

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