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Email Integration for Fusemail and

Match My Email is an automated email integration cloud that connects your email cloud to Because Match My Email works at the cloud level, it is platform and device independent and works with all email systems. Using the open standard IMAP, Match My Email can seamlessly mesh your email account with The system does all the work of sorting and uploading emails from your INBOX and Sent Items to records like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Person Accounts and Cases. Based on the unique MultiMatch technology, Match My Email matches every email address in the email header to every matching email address field in every record. This creates a 100% complete email log in that is always up-to-date for sharing, tracking and reporting.

fusemailFuseMailĀ® is a the email hosting brand of j2 Global, Inc., a global communications specialist [NASDAQ: JCOM], with office locations worldwide, including Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Dublin. Fusemail has been in the email hosting business for 18 years and has 12 million mailboxes under management. Its email cloud services include hosted email, including hosted Microsoft Exchange, an award-winning integrated email security suite, email archiving, desktop-to-desktop email encryption and email continuity. FuseMail provides hosted email services to SMBs, government bodies and ISPs located throughout the world.

Now Fusemail customers can benefit from the email integration solution offered by Match My Email, because Fusemail embraces the IMAP standard in all its hosted email offerings. Match My Email works with Outlook, MacMail, webmail, Lotus, OXsuite, Thunderbird, and Gmail — all at once.

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