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Email Integration for Salesforce App Celebrates 10 Years

Dear Friends,

As Match My Email approaches our tenth anniversary, I want to take a few moments to reflect on why MME was created in the first place. Match My Email began in 2009 with four principal ideals:

  1. Get the maximum value out of business email. Forget about outbound marketing email, there’s tons of software for that. MME focuses on organizing the sales and project communications that run your business.
  2. The Inbox is the worst place for business email. Groups work on deals, deals drive revenue and smart companies are on a path of continuous improvement. Teams need to be in sync and adaptive.
  3. Services must be transparent and automated. Salespeople will not manually upload business email to CRM systems, use bcc: or any other step that will slow them down.
  4. Email needs dedicated technology! Email is too important in sales to be a side job of other platforms like outbound marketing, sales forecasting or nurturing systems.

Because of our laser focus, we’ve grown into the most powerful, automated business email syncing system for Salesforce. We look forward to working with our customers and for the next ten years!

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