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Custom Salesforce Email Integration that is Fast and Easy

Salesforce Email Integration

You have spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars customizing you deployment. Hours of work have been invested in configuring the system to do exactly what you want it to do. But now, you face the dilemma that emails are not integrated into the custom objects, fields and filters that you have added. Salesforce for Outlook and the other email syncing tools don’t support such customization.

Salesforce Email IntegrationEnter Match My Email. Match My Email offers the most advanced, yet easiest to use, customization tools for Salesforce. At their core, the Match My Email customization tools are super flexible because they are modularized. The Match My Email customization tools work with most Salesforce editions – Group, Professional, Enterprise,, non-profit and Unlimited.

Match My Email has written a high level scripting language specifically for custom Salesforce email integration. Based on five years of experience integrating emails into Salesforce, the scripting language can bind the Match My Email custom object, Email Messages, to any object and/or field with a few lines of code. The language includes filtering techniques that can be used to specify what conditions must be met for an email to be added to a Salesforce record.

Match My Email can sync emails to Salesforce based on (1) email addresses; (2) tags in the Subject line; and (3) tags in the email body. The user can define the structure of the ‘tag’ and create the ‘tags’ automatically using custom field formulae. Match My Email can match to multiple tags in a single record or be programmed to first attempt tag matching and then default to email address matching. Most custom email integration jobs take less than 3 hours from definition to implementation to production. All of this is made possible by the email integration scripting language leveraging the Email Messages custom object.

The scripting language also handles “roll ups” and “roll downs” to related records in Salesforce. For example, if an email matches to a custom object that is linked to either another custom object or standard object, the programming language can automatically handle the “roll ups/roll downs”.

Match My Email’s custom development engineers can also custom integrate emails to the ‘native’ Activity History object in Salesforce, but such integrations require the Enterprise Edition and above and take on average 40 hours to program using APEX.

Match My Email is differentiated by other email integration solutions in three fundamental ways:
it can be configured to align with the work habits of different users in the same organization, i.e., some users can have fully automated email integration while others can have fully controlled manual email integration ;
it is strictly cloud technology so it works with multiple different email systems, operating systems and computing devices at once like Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, Outlook, MacMail etc; being in the cloud it is always on, 24/7/365, so email data is up-to-date in Salesforce; and it is fully customizable based on a scripting language specifically written for

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