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Match My Email has released a new version of its email integration platform that makes syncing emails to custom objects, fields and filters quick and easy. The new version has now been tested on a number of beta accounts and the results have been extraordinary. Most customizations only require 5 to 10 hours of paid programming by Match My Email’s development staff. Custom email integration requires the SFDC Enterprise or Unlimited Edition as well as a subscription to Match My Email’s email integration service.

Match My Email can also scan emails at the subject line, body and attachment level for structured numbers (for example invoice numbers) or hashtags and match those ‘tags’ to custom fields in standard and custom objects in Match My Email enables enterprises to extract business value from their email streams and structure that information to improve effectiveness and win rates. Most customizations based on scanning emails for ‘tags’ and matching the ‘tags’ to custom fields require more custom programming, but typically less than 50 hours.

scanMatch My Email has been providing automated email syncing and logging for since November 2011. Initially, our company was focused on out-of-the-box solutions that addressed core functionality across a broad industry spectrum. Over the past two years, however, more and more of our customers have asked for custom email integration solutions that align 100% with their business processes. Match My Email developed its custom email integration platform to accommodate these customer requests.

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