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Custom Email Integration for Salesforce Just Got Easier

The power of is its flexibility to accommodate a wide range of CRM workflows. Flexibility is key because every business has a slightly different way of selling its products and/or services to its customer base.

Up until now, there were no good custom email integration tools for By good, I mean easy to use and fast. Custom email integration involved deep technical skills and tens, if not hundreds, of hours of APEX programming.

Custom Email Integration for Salesforce

Sync Emails to Custom Fields and/or Objects in

Match My Email, the leading automated email integration app for, rated 4.8 out of 5.0 on the AppExchange, has released a new scripting language that makes custom email integration for Salesforce fast and easy. This is the first scripting language specifically written to facilitate syncing emails to custom fields and/or objects in The scripting language works with all Editions — Group, Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Non-Profit)

For example, automating the email integration to a second or third Email Address field in the Lead object now takes about ten minutes. Previously, it required more than 10 hours of programming in both the Match My Email cloud and using APEX in Salesforce.

With the new email integration tools, adding automated email syncing and logging to a custom object takes less than one hour.

Works With all Computers, Operating Systems and Email Systems

Because Match My Email works at the cloud level, these custom integrations work on all business email systems like Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Open-Xchange, to name a few of the 35+ email systems that Match My Email has integrated with Salesforce to date. The scripting language also works with all computer, tablet and smartphone operating systems, such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Linux, iOS, Android and Blackberry.

The new scripting language also extends email integration from just email address matching to custom tag matching. This is particularly useful for integrating emails to Salesforce objects that do not have one-to-one correlations with email addresses. Custom tags enable the ‘precision’ integration of emails to Salesforce object types such as Projects, Contracts, Campaigns and Assets.

For example, if a customer or agent or reseller is involved in more than one Opportunity or Campaign in Salesforce at a time, emails can be automatically matched to exactly the right Opportunity or Campaign using custom tags. Custom tag matching extends email integration in Salesforce to indirect sales models. Now it is possible to match emails to multiple Open Opportunities for the same agent or reseller.

Custom tag matching also facilitates project management. Emails can be ‘precision matched’ to exactly the right Project, even if the customer has multiple Projects underway at once. The custom tags are inserted into the body or subject line of an outgoing emails. The app recognizes the custom tag both on the outbound email and any reply to the thread. Customers can tailor the custom tags to their current tracking processes, codes or numbers – contract numbers, client codes, project names etc.

Free Training on Wednesdays

Match My Email offers free training on the scripting language. The training sessions take 30 minutes and are done weekly on Wednesdays at 12PM Eastern using GoToMeeting. Alternatively, Match My Email subscribers can hire Match My Email certified consultants to do the custom projects for them. Most projects are completed in under three hours, many in less than fifteen minutes.

If you are a consultant or Admin who wants to extend your expertise to custom email integrations, please contact and we will schedule a Live Demo and add you to the next Training session.

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