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Create Contacts and Leads Directly From Your Emails

Cool new feature on AppExchange

New Workflow Implemented In Match My Email Syncing And Logging Cloud Service Creates New Objects Such As Leads, Contacts, Secondary Email Addresses, Opportunities, and Cases Using ‘Drag & Drop’ Email Information

Ardsley on Hudson, New York. January 14, 2013. Match My Email has released a new version of its cloud application, Match My Email, Version 2.6. The new version includes a major feature enhancement that our customer base has been clamoring for: Create and Match an Email to a New Object. [We have always had ‘Select and Match to an Existing Object’.] This new feature enables the end-user to create new standard objects including Contacts, Contact Secondary Email Addresses, Opportunities, Cases and Leads on-the-fly. This create functionality is accessed directly inside via the embedded Match My Email web tab, so it is easy to get to and use. Hovering over an email – Match or No Match — in the Type:Matches column opens a dropdown menu that allows the user to pick an object type.

Cool new features on AppExchange
Match My Email is the most advanced, fully automated email syncing and logging service for

Then the email and a web form are displayed side-by-side, so the web form can be populated with data from the email using simple one-click drag and drop. Since most emails today have signatures, emails typically contain the information needed to create a object.

The easiest way to create a new object directly from email information
Email Data Presented Side-By-Side With Web Form Used To Create New Object

When the required* fields in the web form are filled in, then clicking OK creates a new object populated with data extracted from the email using drag & drop.

Match My Email Continously Improves To Accommodate the Thousands of Workflows Used by Users
New Object Created in Containing Information Extracted From Email and Synced and Logged

The ‘create new object workflow’ further enhances the already world class productivity of Match My Email. Match My Email has been called the ‘ultimate efficiency application’ for Some people have characterized it as the ‘The Missing Piece of’. It saves the average user 100 hours of manual drudgery per year. It is the only way to create a 100% complete email log in

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RAE Internet, Inc., founded in 2000 and headquartered in Ardsley on Hudson, N.Y., is the developer of Match My Email and the Mailspect line of products as well as a reseller of F-PROT Antivirus and Cloudmark Authority. Match My Email is the first fully automated email integration, syncing and logging cloud application for The Mailspect platform is used by email administrators at enterprises, email service providers, schools and governments to defend the email stream from malware, viruses and spam. Mailspect Defense integrates with the leading antivirus and antispam engines (i.e., Clamd, Cloudmark, ESET 3.0, F-PROT, Mailshell, Sophos and Spamassassin). Mailspect Archive enables organizations to comply with email retention regulations.
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