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Match My Email Releases Comprehensive De-Duplication in its Automated Email Syncing App for

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Leading email syncing and logging app for adds “team dedupe” feature; Match My Email now de-duplicates the same email imported by multiple users into

Ardsley on Hudson, New York. January 21, 2014. Match My Email has released comprehensive email de-duplication in Version 3.0.1, a major upgrade to its cloud-based email syncing and logging application for Version 3.0.1 includes a revolutionary new feature called ‘team dedupe’.

logo-280Most enterprises employ team selling. A group people work together to close the same deal. Team selling creates email clutter in, because the same email is addressed and/or cc:ed to multiple sales team members and then uploaded to Often a copy of the same email is synced multiple times by multiple team members into who are using traditional tools like Salesforce for Outlook. Match My Email’s ‘team dedupe’ prevents multiple copies of the same email from being uploaded into Salesforce.

To file emails automatically into all the right Salesforce records, an email syncing app has to incorporate two key technologies: multiple email address and SFDC address field matching (or MultiMatch) and comprehensive de-duplication. Match My Email is the only automated email syncing app on the AppExchange that offers both features.

MultiMatch is important because it makes sure that an email is added to all the relevant records in – Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases (plus custom objects with a little programming). By putting a copy of an email into each relevant record, utility, usage and adoption goes up. With MultiMatch, the sales team can be 100% sure that the entire email correspondence between the external contacts at the customer and the entire sales team are captured, logged and presented.

De-duplication is equally important. An email integration platform needs to dedupe both externally and internally. External dedupe refers to only showing one copy of the email in each SFDC record even if multiple external contacts are addressed or cc:ed in the header of the email — this is particularly important for Accounts and Opportunities which are really aggregations of Contacts. Internal dedupe solves the problem of multiple members of the sales team uploading the same email to and creating duplicates. Duplicates are annoying and waste Data Storage.

Match My Email has developed unique technologies to address multiple email address and SFDC address field matching and comprehensive de-duplication, i.e., external and internal dedupe.

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