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What is the benefit of using Match My Email, instead of just using the out of the box “Email to Salesforce” for email integration?

It is true that Salesforce offers the “Email to Salesforce” connector for Outlook which performs some minimal functions but has limitations. For starters, it only works with Outlook. It also requires you to BCC your outgoing emails, and it only logs outgoing emails, not those that are incoming.



With Match My Email, you can have all this and more:

  • Have your emails synced from all your email accounts, not just outlook exchange, like gmail, yahoo, godaddy, rackspace, aol etc.
  • No need to BCC an address – you can set it up & forget.
  • Fully automatic!
    User never needs to leave or take any action.
  • Works with all Editions & 5 email inboxes at once.
  • Logs email into the all the right records: Leads, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities, Accounts.


By contrast, Match My Email offers a 100% complete email log matching to every object across all end users, accurately linking emails to leads, contacts, opportunities,cases and accounts with its multi-match strategy. It is fully automatic using cloud technology that is device- and platform- independent requiring no software, plug-ins, or updates, and is always on whether or not users are logged on. Match My Email works with all editions of Salesforce.

It matches emails found in the To, CC and BCC fields and requires no additional effort beyond initial setup. It is estimated Match My Email saves up to 25,000 mouse clicks per year over Email to Salesforce, saving sales staff time and improving efficiency. Moreover, users have the ability to set privacy and security controls, and import from up to five email addresses among accounts at Yahoo, Gmail, or other domains, including specifying folders for import. Match My Email also allows for automatic authentication via OAuth 2.0 for true “set up and forget” functionality.

In addition to scanning for matches every 20 minutes, Match My Email also performs Reprocessing, where unmatched emails are held for 45 days and continue to be scanned in the event a new lead is created and then can be matched. A strategy for handling legacy emails will be part of an updated version to be released in the Fall 2012.

Perhaps the question to ask is, “why a sales team isn’t using Match My Email so that sales teams can focus on sales and not waste time on administrative work?”

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