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Automatic Email Syncing & Logging a Time Saver for Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary, located in Pasadena, California, (“Fuller”) is one of the largest multidenominational seminaries in the world, providing professional and graduate-level education in its schools of theology, psychology, and intercultural studies. Fuller is known for its ethnic and denominational diversity, with more than 4,000 students joining its learning community from 70 countries and more than 100 denominations.

Since its founding by radio evangelist Charles E. Fuller in 1947, Fuller Seminary has equipped students to be leaders with a mind for scholarship and heart for the gospel. Fuller is a global leader in theological education, standing on the front lines of evangelical thought while remaining committed to ministry and mission grounded in scholarship.

Problem Definition
Fuller Theological SeminaryThe Admissions Office at Fuller uses to track prospective students from inquiry stage through matriculation. Email communications are an important part of the Admissions Office’s communications with inquirers and applicants. The email integration tools provided for free by were not meeting end-user and administrator expectations. They involved manual logging of emails which is work-intensive and error-prone. Fuller needed an email syncing and logging tool that would ensure that all email communications were being logged to records with 100% accuracy. The Admissions Office needed a system that could guarantee a 100% complete email log within so that Admissions staff could work in with total confidence that they were seeing all the email communications with prospects and applicants. Plus the system needed to work in real time and be user-friendly.

After looking at other manual and semi-manual solutions like “Gmail for Salesforce”, Chris Lux, the Administrative Director of Admissions at Fuller, found Match My Email during a Google search. The description of Match My Email on its website met Fuller’s design specifications for a fully automatic email syncing and logging service that handled both inbound and outbound email. Mr. Lux was sufficiently intrigued that he agreed to a pilot for the 22 users in the Admissions Office in the Summer of 2010. The application worked as advertised and within a few days the community at Fuller was experiencing the convenience of having all their email communications automatically logged to the correct records.

One issue with the solution was that every 90 days forces end-users to change their passwords. This required a duplicate password reset in Match My Email that many user forgot to do. As a result, some emails were not synced if the user password was not reset within 24 hours. Match My Email has since resolved this issue by offering automatic authentications to via OAuth 2.0. Once OAuth authentication is set up, end users no longer have to worry about resetting passwords in the Match My Email cloud.

I have been very impressed with the support and improvements with Match My Email. Setting users up in Match My Email is much simpler and emails are seamlessly synced with contact records in CRM with virtually no end-user or administrative maintenance.

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