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Increase User Usage with Match My Email, the Automated Salesforce Email Sync Plugin

Looking for an automated Salesforce email sync plugin? Look no further!

If you are a Salesforce admin looking for ways to increase user satisfaction, adoption and usage, take a look at the Match My Email app on the AppExchange. Match My Email is the most advanced Salesforce email syncing app. Match My Email matches emails to records in Salesforce automatically – Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases and Custom Objects. With Match My Email, end-users no longer need to perform any email syncing tasks; the app does all the work for the user. That’s right; the app does all the work of integrating emails into Salesforce records — machine-to-machine.

Match My Email saves the average sales rep three hours of work per month. The app relieves the user of the repetitive and unproductive task of adding emails to Salesforce, one at a time, using the ADD TO SALESFORCE button.

Salesforce Email Sync, Salesforce Outlook Plugin

Match My Email works in the cloud with only a username and password. As an administrator, there is nothing to install or upgrade on the user’s computer. All administration and upgrades are done in the cloud using a ‘Settings’ tab. Match My Email saves administrators hours of work installing Salesforce for Outlook on users’ machines.

Match My Email creates a ‘perfect’ record of all emails received and sent in Salesforce. A copy of email that relates to a Salesforce record is automatically uploaded to Salesforce by the app. Syncing is based on email address matching, hence the name Match My Email. Each time the app sees an email address in an email that matches an email address in a Salesforce record, it uploads a permanent copy of the email into Salesforce. The body of the email is uploaded to Data Storage and the attachment(s) to File Storage.

Match My Email can be customized using its Custom Email Integration Scripting Language to match emails to custom records, objects and fields. The app includes the capability to sync emails based on ‘precision tags’. Precision tags can be automatically generated when a new record is created. Embedded in the body of an email thread, a precision tag will sync and upload an email to the correct Opportunity, Case or Project – fully automatically.

Match My Email includes a tool for making new Salesforce records using ‘drag & drop’ data. By opening up an email side-by-side with a new record form, Match My Email makes adding new Contacts and Leads to Salesforce easy.

The bottom line is that Match My Email offers SFDC end-users unparallel convenience and productivity. Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 on the AppExchange, it increases user productivity, adoption and usage. It gives sales management the tools and data to better manage the sales process. Last but not least, it increases the amount of the email information in Salesforce. With Match My Email, users can rely on the email data in Salesforce to be 100% accurate and complete. The best way to see the power and scope of the Match My Email app is to schedule a Live Demo by emailing: or visit the ScheduleOnce page.

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