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Automated Salesforce Email Integration Increases Sales Team Happiness

Salesforce Email Integration

If you want to make the sales team happy, give them the best CRM, Salesforce offers layer up0n layer of amazing CRM functionality. It provides sales managers and sales reps with the tools they need to do their job – effortlessly — because customer data are at their fingertips. Add in automated Salesforce email integration from Match My Email and any Salesforce implementation is supercharged to the next level of productivity and efficiency. Match My Email transforms the way email and Salesforce work together. It takes over all the tedious of work of getting emails into Salesforce. It moves email syncing into the cloud so it is always on, always working, always sharing data across the sales team. And as they say, the key to Salesforce happiness is 100% accurate customer data, including email data, in

Salesforce Email Integration

Increase Productivity with a Salesforce Email Integration App

If you want to make your CFO happy show him or her the return on investment from implementing Match My Email. Match My Email boosts productivity. It saves time; we estimate 3 hours of unproductive work per month. More importantly, it prevents screw ups. It creates a 100% complete email log in Salesforce. Sales rep can look at the Email Messages section and see every email a customer has sent and received. Because Match My Email is always on in the cloud, the email data are always up-to-date.

Sales managers love Match My Email because they can monitor the email activity of their sales team in near-real time. If a customer has requested a brochure or demo or support call or been sent an invoice, it will be visible in Salesforce and easy to find and open. Sales manager will have better visibility of deals being closed and revenue being booked and collected.

Sales rep love Match My Email because it includes lots of features that make their life easier. Small things that add up to large increments of convenience. Like a popup view of the email body that saves two clicks every time an email is read. A Show More view that displays the full list of customer email correspondence on one page complete with Control-F key word search. REPLY and FORWARD buttons that let a user answer an email from inside Salesforce. Attachments clearly linked to emails on the first level GUI. Bulk Delete, Match, and Unmatch commands.

Sales operations will be the most excited by Match My Email. The app includes unparalleled customization tools. Emails can be matched to almost any workflow. Emails can be matched automatically to custom records, objects, fields and by filters. The customization tools support matching by email address, roll ups from Child to Parent records (up to five levels) and tag/word matching.

The Pursuit of Happiness with Salesforce Outlook Integration

Match My Email is better than the plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail provided by Salesforce for free. If you need Salesforce Outlook integration or Salesforce Gmail integration or any of the 40 other email systems that Match My Email works with like GoDaddy, Smarsh, Intermedia and Yahoo!, take a look at Match My Email.

It will bring in all your old emails as well.

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