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Automated Email Syncing can Improve Salesforce’s Best-of-Breed Value Proposition

IT consultants who evaluate customer relationship management solutions rate as the market leader. Its cloud based CRM platform is estimated to increase sales productivity significantly.

Companies that implement Salesforce report impressive improvements in sales effectiveness.

  • 43% increase in Lead Conversion
  • 45% increase in Sales Pipeline
  • 37% increase in Sales Revenues
  • 48% increase in Forecast Accuracy
  • 45% increase in Customer Satisfaction

Increase Salesforce Productivity with Automated Email Syncing

Adding automated email syncing and logging to any Salesforce deployment can expand the benefits of Salesforce even further. Automated Salesforce email integration saves lots of time, improves the quality of email data and increases Salesforce usage and adoption.

The key to automating the email syncing process is cloud technology. Only a cloud app has the right architecture and technology to get the job done. Cloud apps are ‘set and forget’. They are always on working in background. Cloud apps completely eliminate human error because they are machine to machine – human interaction is removed from the equation. Cloud apps never miss an email – whether it is inbound or outbound — nor file it in the wrong record. With a cloud app, Salesforce users can rest assured that every customer email is uploaded to Salesforce and put in the right record or related records.

Match My Email is the Most Advanced, Cloud-Based Email Integration App on the Market

Match My Email has been perfecting automated email integration for eight years since its launch in November 2011 on the AppExchange – Some users pick Match My Email because it saves time – estimated at least one hour per week versus manual tools like Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce for Gmail or Salesforce INBOX. Others use it for email compliance and tracking, With Match My Email, every email is stored permanently in Salesforce and visible to users with the right profile or permissions.

Finally, Match My Email is flexible. It can connect to just about any kind of email account. It can be customized to match emails to custom fields and/or record types. Its algorithm can match emails to Salesforce by full email address, email domain name, words in the subject or body tags.

If you are intrigued to learn more about this cloud app, schedule a Live Demo by using the scheduling tool on the Match My Email web site – Or download the setup guides to start a 30-day free trial on the Support Page at

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