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Automate and Customize Salesforce Email Integration

A customer relationship system is only as good as the data stored in it. The more data in the CRM; the more useful it is. The more information in the CRM; the more users will use it. When the data in the CRM reaches critical mass, the CRM becomes indispensable, mission critical. At that point, sales reps can’t do their jobs without it.

Email is still the most important mode of business communication. The number of business emails sent and received every day continues to grow. Capturing the email stream in the CRM is absolutely essential to its value, adoption and return on investment.

Match My Email offers automatic email syncing with full customization for business email systems

Match My Email has been perfecting email integration for Salesforce for nine years. Email syncing and logging to Salesforce is Match My Email’s only strategic mission. MME’s maniacal focus on email integration is why the app is so good.

Match My Email believes in cloud technology. Cloud technology is better because it doesn’t require much administration or maintenance. Updates are pushed to users remotely. Neither users nor admins need to invest a lot of time getting the app to work and to stay working.

For Salesforce users who want to track the activities of the entire sales team without creating a lot of extra work, automated email integration is the key.

Finally, an email integration app must capture all the email traffic being generated by different types of devices – Mac and PC’s, smartphones and iPhones and iPads and Surfaces. Match My Email can capture email traffic from different devices and systems because it is based on Open Standards and Open Source Software.

If you are looking for an email integration tool for Salesforce that offers automation, customization and ease of use, schedule a Live Demo with Match My Email by clicking Match My Email works seamlessly with the email oligarchs, Microsoft and Google (Outlook, Exchange, 0365, Google Suite, Gmail), and the email challengers like Zimbra, Zoho, Rackspace, GoDaddy, 1&1, Network Solutions, Yahoo!, Open-Xchange and iCloud.

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