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Please Add My Emails to Automatically

The following is a letter from Ricardo Lacombe, Filmmaker/Director:

I am busy, super super busy. I need a CRM system that is as efficient as possible. I don’t have time to waste. When I open, I want to see all the emails – TO:, FROM:, CC:, and BCC: — inside each page layout. I don’t have the time to look inside my email account, search for an email and then click a button to send it to I want to have 100% certainty that when I looked in all the emails from my extended sales team are logged properly in all the right customer accounts. does not provide automated email syncing and logging out-of-the-box and in the cloud. This missing piece of is a mystery because it is so obvious. SFDC only provides a software plug-in. The plug-in – aside causing Outlook to lock up – makes me click on every email that I want to put in This just isn’t practical. What if I am in a meeting or traveling or having lunch or sick, I can’t be logging emails to I need a machine in the cloud to log emails for me.

To’s credit, it does have an amazing AppExchange. On the AppExchange there is exactly the product I was looking for. It is called Match My Email. All I did was enter my username and password once, set up imports to and fro the Match My Email cloud and the system did the rest of the work for me. Now when I look in a SFDC record, I see all the emails – coming and going – between my customers and the extended sales team in a neat list. No more uncertainty. I can be confident that all the emails are there and that I can see them at a blink.

Cloud-based email integration for is cool because it works with all mobile devices and email systems. That means that my emails get logged to whether I am working on my PC in the office, MacBook at home or iPhone on the move.

Match My Email estimates that its service saves the average user 100 hours of email logging and look-up drudgery per year. That is more than two work weeks per year; two more weeks per year to do something productive like beat my quota and bring home a bonus.

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