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Recreating the Best Feature of ACT! in Salesforce with Match My Email Integration

The momentum is clearly behind According to CRM Switch, in 2013, held 44% of the CRM market for companies under 100 employees. cloud technology has clearly won the day as small businesses have switched to its SaaS platform to avoid the hassle of maintaining an in-house server with dedicated software. With offerings starting as a low as $5 per month for Contact Manager and $20 for Group Edition, has captured the very small business market. The dominance of Salesforce in the SOHO segment came to us as a surprise at Match My Email; almost 50% of our customer base is comprised of single or two-seat users.

Small Businesses Flocking to Salesforce

Salesforce Email IntegrationBased on our interaction with these small businesses, we observed that many of them had previously used a Windows-based software product called ACT! ACT! is owned by Swiftpage Software, Denver, Colorado and on its web site it claims to be the “#1 Contact and Customer Manager software for small business for the past 25 years”. The key word in that statement may be “software” in that small businesses are shifting to the cloud and flocking to and Microsoft Dynamics. ACT! Premium is available in a “hosted” version but it has not really caught on.

Seamless Salesforce Email Integration by Match My Email!

One feature of ACT! that small businesses clearly love is its email integration. At Match My Email, we hear over and over again from our customers that, “Salesforce is great, yes better, than ACT!, but its email integration is lacking. With ACT! emails were synced and logged into Contact records so we came to expect that emails were in the system. But with Salesforce, it is really hard to get emails into customer records. For PC users, it involves using a rather buggy plug-in called Salesforce for Outlook and pressing the Add to Salesforce button all day long. And for Mac users it is nearly impossible because user have to cut & paste emails into Activity History.” When they first find Match My Email, many former ACT! users are longing to the good, old days of seamless email integration.

Salesforce Email Integration in the Cloud!

Luckily, Match My Email has recreated the email integration feature of ACT! for With Match My Email email integration for Salesforce, users can experience seamless email syncing and logging with Contacts (and Leads, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases) after a ten-minute install. Match My Email works with the major Salesforce Editions – Contact Manager, Group, Profession, Non-Profit, Enterprise and Unlimited. Because it is cloud technology, Match My Email works with Windows, MacIntosh and Linux desktops and laptops, iOS iPads and iPhones, Blackberry, and Android, all at the same time.

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