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2016 Record Results for Match My Email for Salesforce

2016 was great year for Match My Email. The app achieved new records in terms of customer acceptance, customer satisfaction and financial performance. Growth accelerated in absolute and relative terms. Royalties paid to for use of the ISVForce platform increased by more than 200%. Match My Email customer support department received rave reviews.

Match My Email’s success is driven by its maniacal focus on three goals:

  1. push automated Salesforce email integration to the limit
  2. supporting as many computer and email systems as possible
  3. make email handling in Salesforce as convenient as possible

Match My Email achieves these objectives by bringing email syncing and handling inside Salesforce. The app is true cloud-based email integration. It offers setup and forget functionality.

Our product designers understand that the key to productivity is hands-off integration. Get as much email data in Salesforce as possible with zero user involvement. Put every email into the right record in Salesforce automatically. Capture every email in Salesforce to create an institutional memory. Present the email data in Salesforce so it is easy to work with. Give users the tools to reply quickly to emails from inside Salesforce records.

Match My Email’s technology is unique. It balances competing requirements, match emails to multiple records automatically (MultiMatch) against the need to present uncluttered data (Dedupe). The app includes customization tools that enable a user to match emails to custom records or custom fields in standard records. It can match emails by address, domain, words in the Subject Line and tags in the email body. No other app on the Salesforce AppExchange has pushed automated email integration as far.

The Salesforce ecosystem loves Match My Email because it serves the ‘long tail’. The app is based on the IMAP open standard so it works with all devices – PC, Mac, iPhone, Android – at once. It connects to mainstream email platforms like Gmail, Office 365, Lotus and Exchange, but also to independent email service providers like GoDaddy, Rackspace, 1&1, Yahoo!, Intermedia, Smarsh, App River, Hostgator, OX Mail, MacMail, Open-Xchange, Zimbra and more than 40 other IMAP systems.

During 2016, Match My Email released a Lightning version of the app. We expanded email REPLY and FORWARD to Lightning and Salesforce1. Custom matching algorithms were extended to Domain Name and Subject Line word matching. The reports package was updated to include more report types and metadata fields.

Security has another major theme of 2016. The security and privacy framework of the app was overhauled to conform with the latest standards, i.e., HIPAA, FINRA and FERPA. In 2017, we will be adding a data center located in the European Union to comply with EU Privacy Directives.

Match My Email costs $22.95 per user per month. Each user can import from two different email accounts with the base subscription. An extra email import costs $10.47 per month. Match My Email is a bargain compared to the amount of time it saves Salesforce users.

The best way to quickly see the features and benefits of Match My Email is to watch the demo on our page schedule a Live Demo using the scheduling tool at

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