G. Modifying Cloud View & Filtering


The default view of the Match My Email cloud is for all emails excluding ignore status for all period (45 days) for all Users that MME User has role to see.

The Refresh button will refresh the screen based on choices made to filter the view of the email cloud. Clicking the Email Cloud option in light blue menu ribbon will always return to this default view.


Here are some examples for modifying or filtering the cloud view of emails:
G-1. Search for emails to or from a particular Contact
G-2. Filter emails for specific User in Match My Email cloud (MME Admins only)
G-3. See more than 20 emails per page
G-4. View emails for a specific date range
G-5. View only No Match emails in Match My Email cloud
G-6. Set correct time zone for User’s location
G-7. View only matched emails for specific User in MME cloud view (MME Admins only)

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