A. Creating Ignore Rules


Ignore rules are created in Match My Email to:

  • ignore matching for particular email addresses or email domains that may exist in Salesforce records.
  • “tidy up” the default view in MME cloud by ignoring email addresses for mass marketing messages.

When MME processes emails, the first step executed by the MME algorithm is to check Ignore rules. If all email addresses in the header of an email message are affected by an ignore rule, the message will have the status of Ignore in Type:Matches column and are not visible in view of “All Excluding Ignore”.

All MME Users can create Personal ignore rules.  Users that have the role in MME of Domain Admin or Cloud Admin can also create ignore rules and choose to apply them across all Users of an email domain.


Click to see examples of how to:

A-1. Create ignore rule for an email address from table of email messages
A-2. Create an ignore rule for a mass marketing email address from table of email messages
A-3. Add email address as personal ignore rule on Ignore List
A-4. Add ignore rule for all Users in same email domain on Ignore List (MME Admins only)
A-5. Create ignore rule to discard confidential email (MME Admins only)
A-6. Create ignore rule for company domain to prohibit clutter in Salesforce (MME Cloud Admin only)

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