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Set Up Match My Email to Upload as Enhanced Email

This is the first of two articles a Salesforce System Administrator needs for a complete setup of Match My Email. The Enhanced Email option will mean:

  • Emails uploaded as native Salesforce Email Message objects visible in the Activity Timeline in Lightning.
  • Emails will be visible as Tasks in Activity History in Classic.
  • Each email can be related to multiple Leads or Contacts (WhoID records). On Contact match, emails will be visible on Account records but will only be officially Related to one WhatID object (Person Account, Account, Opportunity, etc.) for reporting.

Please Note: Those using Financial Services Cloud and Person Accounts will only have a match to the Person Account.  If additional matching to Households is desired, it is necessary to upload to the Match My Email custom object which requires different setup steps.

1. Install Match My Email AppExchange Package in
1.1. Navigate to Click Login in top menu.

1.2. Choose the correct portal.

1.3. Choose the type of Salesforce environment into which you want to install the app and click the button Proceed to the package installation.
Those using Enterprise and Unlimited editions of Salesforce have the option of installing into a Sandbox environment for testing. For use in a Production environment, setup steps in this guide will need to be repeated and a new Match My Email account created that connects to the Production instance.

1.4. Login to Salesforce if prompted. Choose Install for All Users and click Install. This does not activate all Users for the app, but rather it ensures permissions are available for non-Admin Users.

IMPORTANT: If you choose Admins Only, you may need to do back track on permissions to expand app accessibility to other profiles in the future. It is best to Install for All Users and utilize permissions to control access.

1.5. Check the box to approve third-party access and click Continue. Approving Third-Party Access adds remote site settings. This enables our Email Sync Assistant feature, if you choose to use it, to communicate with the User’s Match My Email cloud and aid in creating records from unmatched email addresses.

The installation will either be completed quickly, or you will be alerted that it will take a bit more time. You may see a message that the installation will take a bit longer to fully install into Salesforce. On that screen, click DONE and you will be taken to your list of installed packages. You will receive an email from Salesforce when the installation is complete.

Wait for the package to appear in the Installed Packages list in Salesforce. While you are waiting, you can complete sections 2 and 3. Once the app appears in the Installed Packages list, complete sections 4 and 5 BEFORE you utilize an email link to proceed with setting up a Match My Email account.

2. Confirm Enhanced Email Enabled and Activity Settings
2.1. Go to Salesforce Setup. Use the Quick Find to find and select Enhanced Email. If you see a button for Enable, click to do so. If it is already enabled, you will see a button to Disable and are all set.

2.2. Use the Setup Quick Find to find and select Activity Settings. Confirm that the choice “Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events” is enabled. If it is not, check the box and submit this request. A message will note that it may take time for the feature to be fully activated. You can proceed but please note that matching may not be fully correct until feature is operational.

3. Adjust Picklists for Tasks and Events
When Match My Email uploads and matches an email and/or calendar event to the Activity timeline, it can also set the value of the Type field in each correctly as an Email or Event, respectively. This is not required for matching to occur, but it is helpful for future reporting of Activity data.

3.1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup > Object Manager > Task
3.2. Click on Fields and Relationships and then click on the Type field. Check that “Email” is a Picklist value. If it is not, click New and enter it as a picklist value and Save the change.

3.3. Similarly, navigate to Salesforce Setup > Object Manager > Event
3.4. Click on Fields and Relationships and then click on the Type field. Check that “Event” is a Picklist value. If it is not, click New and enter it.

4. Adjust Uploading Strategy for Enhanced Email
4.1. Once Match My Email is successfully installed, navigate to the Installed Packages List. Scroll to find it in the list and click Configure to the left.

4.2. In the menu, click on Uploading. Change the option to Enhanced Email. Click SAVE.

5. Removing Custom Tab
When uploading as Enhanced Email, there is one custom tab that is not relevant. The tab aggregates matched messages only when uploading to the Match My Email custom object. Despite it being empty, the presence of the tab might cause confusion among Users. It is our suggestion that it be removed from view.
5.1. In Salesforce Setup, navigate to App Manager. Find the MatchMyEmail (Managed) app.

5.2. Scroll to Available and Selected Tabs. Select Email Messages (Lightning) and Remove it. Save.

6. Accessing Match My Email from within Salesforce
6.1. When logged into Salesforce, click on the App Launcher.
6.2. To add Match My Email as a tab in your Navigation Menu, scroll down to All Items and click the label for Match My Email.

6.3. It will be temporarily added to your menu. Click the drop menu and choose Add to Nav Menu.

The steps for Salesforce are complete and you are halfway through the setup of Match My Email. Please open the appropriate document for your email hosting to create and connect your Match My Email account.

Please visit our support page for documentation including:
• How to deploy and use the Email Sync Assistant
• Administrator’s Guide for Managing Users and Imports
• Match My Email User’s Guide

For assistance, contact or look for help in our knowledge base. You can also visit our support page and use the scheduler to book a free support session.

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