Match My Email Mobile Cards for Salesforce 1




Mobile Cards are available in Salesforce 1 for  Match My Email MultiMatch Users.  MultiMatch is in use when the Match My Email managed package is installed into the Salesforce organization.  Users of Standard MultiMatch would need to upgrade to MultiMatch to make use of this feature.

The following steps will allow users of Salesforce 1 to see email messages in a feature-rich format.  A System Administrator in can add mobile cards provided by the installation of the Match My Email managed package.


In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > App Setup/Build > Customize > Record Type > Page Layout.  (In the example here, Leads is used.)

mobile cards setup customize leads pagelayout resize

Scroll and click on Visualforce Pages.  Options to right will change.

mobile cards visualforcepages

Click and hold on MME Mobile Email Messages and drag it down into the Mobile Cards section.  A dark green line will guide placement.

mobile cards dragging mme mobile

Click on the wrench tool (top right of Mobile Email Messages object) to open properties for object.  Set height to 60 pixels and Save.

mobile cards compilation properties 60

Repeat these steps for each record type ( Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities & Cases ) used by company.


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