What are the differences between Standard and MultiMatch?

The differences between in the two versions of Match My Email – Standard and MultiMatch — are shown in the table below.


  • ‘Native’ app: API-only.
  • Any User can setup
  • Emails logged ‘natively’ in Activity History
  • Attachments filed separately in Notes and Attachments
  • Emails only match to one Lead or Contact
  • Roll ups and downs to Account and/or Opportunity and Case
  • No bulk actions, only one at a time within Salesforce


  • ISVFORCE Managed Package: Custom object(s) and other components installed in Salesforce.com
  • Only SFDC Admin can setup
  • Emails logged in Email Messages custom object
  • Attachments filed together with emails
  • Emails match to multiple Contacts
  • Roll ups and downs to Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Custom Objects and Custom Fields
  • Bulk and singular actions
  • Email body visible in popup window when hovering over Subject Line
  • Full ‘social context’ of emails visible
  • Date range search
  • Full List View
  • Match, Unmatch to Custom Objects*
  • Reply*
  • Forward*
  • Automated Tag Insertion*
  • Reports and Dashboards Package
  • Activity Reports by User, Email Direction, Type of Record
  • Custom scripting language
  • Precision tag matching
  • Automated Tag Creation
  • Comprehensive Deduplication

Standard is a native Salesforce app  and works through the Salesforce API. MultiMatch is an ISVForce Managed Package and requires the installation of a new custom object called Email Messages and other components.

Standard logs emails to Activity History and attachments to Notes and Attachments. MultiMatch logs both emails and attachments to Email Messages.

Standard can only match a single email address in an email to a single Lead or Contact in Salesforce.com. MultiMatch can match multiple email addresses in the header of an email to multiple Salesforce.com records and/or fields.

Standard performs fully automatic matching based an algorithm called “Email Matching with Social Intelligence”. It finds the most important email address in the email header based on its location in the header (priority order is To, Cc, Bcc, Sender, From, Reply-To) and matches it to one Contact. MultiMatch matches all the email addresses in an email header – FROM:, TO:, CC:, BCC: — to all the associated records in Salesforce.com.  We call this ‘multiple email address and object matching’.

Standard takes five minutes to install and can be done by any user. MultiMatch takes 4o minutes to install and must be done by a Salesforce Admin.

Both versions share many features like Privacy Controls, Creating New Salesforce Records using email data, the importing and automatic processing of Old Emails,  and control over which emails are imported to Salesforce.  *Some customization is possible with Standard Match with installation of managed package and adjustment of uploading configuration.

For assistance or questions, please contact support@matchmyemail.com.

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