Matching to a Contact and Opportunity when Uploading as Task

Match My Email allows Users to choose how it matches and uploads matched emails.  The default setting is to upload as Email Message.  This setting triggers the app to match a message to multiple Leads or Contacts based on multiple email addresses in the header.  On a Contact match, there is a roll up to the parent Account and there can also be a match to an open Opportunity or Case.  The messages are placed, or logged, in the custom object Email Message.

The alternative setting is to Upload as Task.  This setting triggers the app to match a message to a single Lead or single Contact record based on the first email address match it finds in the header.  For a Contact match, the email is rolled up to the Account and shared to an open Opportunity for the Contact. The messages are placed, or logged, in the standard Salesforce activity object, which is Past Activity in Lightning.

For Upload as Task, the priority order by which Match My Email will make a match is Opportunity, Contact, Account, Lead, Case.   The priority order for email addresses in the header is To, CC, BCC, Sender, From, Reply-To.

To achieve the result of matching to a Contact, with roll up to Account and sharing to Opportunity, one must confirm an option in which allows you to relate the same Task to multiple records.

  • Sign in to Salesforce
  • For Classic: Go to Setup > Customize > Activities > Activities Settings
  • For Lightning: Setup > Feature Settings > Sales > Activity Settings
  • Check box for Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events to enable (shown as last option in screenshot below)

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 standard op matching enable step in SF 

With this option checked, when Match My Email matches an email message to a Contact record, it would also be matched to both the parent Account and an open Opportunity for the Contact role.

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