Changing from MultiMatch to Standard


If you are using Match My Email MultiMatch and want to change to Standard matching, you need to:

  1. uninstall  the managed package from Salesforce, and
  2. might need to modify your Match My Email account.
  3. manually reprocess emails if desired


It is very important to note that uninstalling the Match My Email package will remove all data of emails that have been matched by our app.  To recover this data, you can manually reprocess data (Step 3 below) in the Match My Email cloud (which is email held from past 45 days).  Older emails would need to be brought back into Email Cloud via Legacy importing.


1. To uninstall Match My Email from Salesforce:

First, remove visualforce components from page layouts. (If you added mobile cards or Match My Email’s Send Email button, those will also need to be removed).


  • Go into Salesforce Setup
  • On left sidebar, go to App Setup(or Build) > Customize
  • Visit the Objects for which you added Email Messages to the page layout. For example, click Leads > Page Layout
  • On Page Layout, scroll to find Email Messages section with component.
  • Click the “-” symbol next to wrench at right.  This will remove the section and the added component.
  • Click Save.
  • Repeat these steps to for other objects if necessary (Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Person Accounts).


  • Go into Setup and use Quick Find to get to Object Manager.
  • In the list, click on the labels for objects to which you added the Email Messages section.
  • Edit the Lightning Record Page and remove the Email Messages Section
  • Click SAVE.
  • Navigate back to Object Manager, and repeat these steps for another object.


Second, uninstall the package:

  • A Salesforce System Administrator should go to Setup
  • In Setup, use Quick Find to search for and click on list of Installed Packages
  • Next to Match My Email, click Uninstall
  • Confirm you want to uninstall this application


2. Address Salesforce Integration settings:

  • Sign in to Match My Email cloud as Cloud Admin.
  • Navigate to Settings > Salesforce Integration
  • If you see in the Applies To column a listing just for your email domain, click on that line.  Expand Matching Rules and take note of the objects enabled for matching.  Also expand Upload Rules and take note of those settings.  Click Cancel.
  • Again viewing all Salesforce integration listings, check the box next to the domain-level listing to select it and click Delete button to remove it.  This is necessary because MultiMatch uses this domain level integration for team deduplication technology.  Team Deduplication can be achieved in Standard Match but requires a different setting configuration. It is important to remove the domain-level integration for proper function of the app. Please ask support staff about this strategy if team deduplication is desired.
  • For all other listings of Salesforce Integration that are applied to individual users, click on the line of each one, check the box top left for Override Domain Rules, and then expand Matching Rules and Upload Rules to replicate the same settings you found previously.  Save those changes.
  • Check the box for all individual listings (or the top check box to select all) and click the SYNC button.  This allows Match My Email to connect and recognize the package has been uninstalled, and thus matching will follow the algorithm for Standard.

3. Recover email data via reprocessing

Since all data was removed with uninstall of the package, it is possible to manually reprocess emails in Match My Email cloud (which is email from the last 45 days) to recover matching data under the new algorithm**.  Since reprocessing with use additional API calls beyond normal use and because Salesforce limits API calls for organizations in each 24 hour period, we recommend only reprocessing 500 each 24 hour period.

  • Sign in to Match My Email cloud as each User.
  • Above email table, in the top grey line move cursor to the right and hover over small Settings.
  • In the options that appear, for Messages on Page choose 100.  Allow the cloud view time to refresh with this setting.
  • In that same grey line towards the left, for View By use drop down to choose Match.  Slide cursor to right and click Refresh button.  Allow the cloud time to refresh.  This will filter the cloud to only Matched email and thus efficiently use additional API calls to only reprocess matched email, not No Match status messages.
  • Check the box to the left of the From column heading. This will select all 100 matched emails on this page.
  • Above the From column, click the Reprocess command button.  In the options that appear, leave the selection as just these 100 emails and click Apply.
  • Match My Email will produce a window reporting the progress of this action.  Allow the system to complete Reprocessing.  You will know it is done when underneath the Please Wait at top left of this window you will see Done in green lettering. At that point, click Close button to close the window.
  • Without refreshing, go to the next page of 100 messages by clicking on the right Pages “2”.  This will bring up the next 100 after those you have already done.
  • Repeat steps to manually reprocess these.  Repeat for another 3 pages of 100, for a total of 500 during this 24 hour period.  If you have more emails to reprocess, repeat these steps tomorrow and subsequent days as needed.

**To recover email outside of the past 45 days, please contact support staff ( about setting up Legacy importing – which is available to subscribers (not trial users).

For assistance, please contact

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