Why Does Match My Email Require IMAP?



An IMAP account is a MUST HAVE for MatchMyEmail.  IMAP accounts allow messages to remain on the email server, and thus Match My Email can connect and import copies of email from selected folders to our cloud for processing and uploading to Salesforce.com on match.  Most hosting services support IMAP, though sometimes it is not enabled unless specifically requested.  Please visit our list of email providers for which we have helped customers successfully find and use IMAP settings.

Please note that if IMAP is available and enabled, when a User is using a client such as Outlook they need to make sure their account settings on Outlook are for an IMAP account.  If, within Outlook, the email connection is POP, a new account in Outlook must be created choosing IMAP.

Companies with on-premise Exchange servers may need to ask their System Administrator to enable IMAP on the server and open a port for it.  Typically, IMAP is via the Secure (SSL) port 993, though it can also be through the regular port 143.  If a firewall is present, Match My Email staff can provide Users with our systems IP addresses so that they are allowed to connect.


For assistance or questions, please contact support@matchmyemail.com.

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