Creating Match My Email Web Tab in Salesforce when Using Standard Match



Users of the Standard version of Match My Email can create and add a custom web tab to the menu for all Users.  Opening the web tab will give User easy access to Match My Email secure login and Match My Email cloud.  (Users of Match My Email MultiMatch do not need to do these steps since the tab is bundled in the managed package installed from AppExchange.)

1.  In, navigate to Setup.  Then, based on screenshot below for either Classic or Lightning  view, find Web Tabs and click NEW. [If you don’t see the ‘New’ button then you must contact your Salesforce admin and get permission to add Web Tabs.]

FOR SALESFORCE CLASSIC (Setup > App Setup or Build > Create > Tabs):

Choose Setup

app set up - create - tabs-New copy


FOR SALESFORCE LIGHTNING (Setup > Platform Tools > User Interface > Tabs):


2.  After clicking new, choose for Tab Layout 2 column. Click Next.

2 column layout next copy

3.  Fill in the fields as in screenshot below.  Click Next.

  • Tab Label: type in “Match My Email”
  • Tab Name will auto fill with Tab Label
  • Tab Style: click box and then select one
  • Leave Content Frame Height as “600”

details of new web tab copy

4.  In box ‘Button or Link URL’, type or paste the appropriate address below that is correct for your location.  Note this is a secure site and thus has “https” as opposed to “http”.  Then click Next.

US Customers / Rest of World:{!API.Session_ID}&sf_serverurl={!API.Partner_Server_URL_230}

EU Customers:{!API.Session_ID}&sf_serverurl={!API.Partner_Server_URL_230}


SM webtab create enter new LONG url

5.  On the next screen, leave it applied to all profiles and click Save.

leave all boxes checked and click save

You will now see the web tab in the list of custom tabs, as well as in the top menu ribbon.  It should be visible in that menu for all Salesforce Users.


For assistance, please contact

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