Office 365 Customers and App-Specific Passwords

**This post applies to Match My Email accounts connecting to Office 365 via IMAP.  Accounts in which an Email Service connection has been established to Office 365 by a Global Administrator do not rely on passwords for connection.**


Changes to some Office 365 security settings may require users to create app-specific passwords for third party apps such as Match My Email.  This provides added security for the user and is very easy to do.

Office365 provides steps on how to create such as password in the article.

  • Once this password is created and provided, select and copy it.
  • Then login to Match My Email and click Import.
  • Click on the line of your import ( do not just check the box).
  • In Import details, paste the new password copied over everything showing in Password field.
  • Click Save at bottom.  To test and confirm working, click Start Import Manually and allow import to run and complete.

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