It appears that some of my emails are missing.

Why are some of my emails missing? Here are a few scenarios that may be causing it.

Check for Ignore Often, an email address has been accidentally added to the Ignore list which are not typically listed in the default cloud view. To check if Emails are being ignored:

  • To the right of the Search field, is a “View by” option. The default is ‘All Excluding Ignore’.
  • From the drop down menu choose ‘All’ or ‘Ignore’
  • For the next field at prompt “for”, click the drop down menu if you would like to view Ignored messages for only one particular user, or leave as ‘All’.
  • Click the Refresh button.
Once cloud view refreshes, you will see all messages with a Match State of Ignore. If any of these messages are the ones you thought were missing, then you need to visit the Ignore tab in black menu ribbon and delete the email address from the Ignore list.

Email File Size limits uploads of files to 5MB or less. Due to this limit, MME does not import into the cloud any message larger than 5MB since it would not be possible to upload it to Salesforce. Emails typically are larger than 5MB when they have a large attachment, as email text alone is usually measured in KB and less than 1MB.

  • Go to your Email INBOX and verify the size of the email.

Import Folder Settings

If an email is not left in the folder designated for importing by Match My Email, then it won’t be accessible for import.

  • Check for a rule or filter in email client that would immediately move an email from the INBOX and into a subfolder.
  • If a rule exists, options are to delete the rule so email remains in INBOX or add the subfolder to the “Selected folders” on “Import tab” in MME blue ribbon.

If it appears emails are still missing, please contact

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