How do I add another email account to my MME seat?



If you already use Match My Email for one email account, and would like to add a 2nd or 3rd email account, please follow the steps below.


It may be useful to first have the correct IMAP server information handy for this new email account.  It may be hosted at the same company as your first import, in which case you can click into your existing import (Import > Name of Import) and note the IMAP server hostname, connection, port and authentication.  Or, if hosted at a different company, you can reference our list of known IMAP providers to find your company or contact the company.


1. Login to Match My Email

2. Click Import in the blue menu ribbon

3. Click +New to add an import

  • For Import Name: Either type in a descriptive name or leave blank and after Save it will default to user’s email address
  • For Import From: Use dropdown to select Other IMAP Server
  • For IMAP Server Host: type in the IMAP server hostname
  • For Connection and Port: Usually, IMAP goes through Secure port 993, but sometimes also Regular port 143.  Determine this with IMAP information.
  • For User: type in the new email account from which you want to match email
  • For Password: type in the password for this new email account

4. Click Refresh Folders

5. In the Available Folders on right, click on the folders and move to left to select them for Match My Email use.  We do not recommend selecting all mail/all folders.  For the most efficient use of our app, select only needed folders which is often just Inbox and Sent folders.

6. Click Save at bottom.

When system next cycles automatically, Match My Email will begin to import from this new account.


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